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HARRISON’S PRINCIPLE OF INTERNAL MEDICINE 17th Edition— Self Assessment & Board Review

Format : PDF

Halaman : 490

Size : 5 MB


Professor of Medicine and Physiology

Vice Chair, Department of Medicine

Director, Osler Medical Training Program

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Preview :

This book is offered as a companion to the remarkable 17th edition of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. It is designed for the student of medicine to reinforce the knowledge contained in the parent book in an active, rather than passive, format. This book contains over 1000 questions,most centered on a patient presentation. Answering the questions requires understanding pathophysiology, epidemiology,differential diagnosis, clinical decision making, and therapeutics. We have tried to make the questions and the discussions timely and relevant to clinicians. All answer discussions are referenced to the relevant chapter(s) in the parent book and often contain useful figures or algorithms appropriate to the question. We recommend this book to students and clinicians looking for an active method of lifelong learning and as a resource for preparing for the Internal Medicine board examination.

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Password : ludeva_blog


2 Tanggapan to “HARRISON’S PRINCIPLE OF INTERNAL MEDICINE 17th Edition— Self Assessment & Board Review”

  1. Assalamu ‘alaikum mas, demi menjalin silaturahmi sesama Blogger marilah kita saling bertukar link, gimana mas?? Salam kenal yah dari Dedhy Kasamuddin 😀

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