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Agatha Christie Ebook Collection


Ini saya memiliki beberapa koleksi ebook Agatha Christie. Kalo semuanya sulit buat uploadnya, maka dari itu saya posting sedikit – sedikit. Beberapa koleksi yang ada di dalam file ini adalah :

  1. And there were none
  2. At betram’s hotel
  3. Mysterious Mr. Quin
  4. The man in lower ten
  5. Third girl
  6. Murder on the orient express
  7. Parker pine, detective
  8. Murder at the vicarage
  9. Three blind mice

10.  The secret adversary

11.  The mysterious affair at styles

Buat kawan – kawan yang suka baca agatha Christie pasti sudah tau dan ebook ini dalam bahasa inggris.

Enjoy it…….. J

Salam Kenal buat Bloger Indonesia…


Format : PDF

Size : 4,5 MB

Download Link :

Agatha Christie Ebook Collection

Password : ludefa_blog

2 Tanggapan to “Agatha Christie Ebook Collection”

  1. hi ludefa! that’s a great collection you’ve got here….unfortunately Rapidsahre is not very feasible for me….the password you provided, how am i supposed to use it? and plz let me know if there’s a log-in name, too.
    i’d really like to go through this collection. help me out!🙂

    • i’m sorry first time i use rapidshare because my connection is fisible to use it. And the password to break the key of my file. You have to use “winrar” (software) to break the file. The password not use to my account in rapidshare. by the way thanks to enjoy my collection.

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