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Brain Injury Medicine Ebook


The three of us wish to thank all the contributors who agreed to take time to author chapters and share their expertise with the readers of this textbook. We hope that readers will be pleased with the quality and diversity of the various medical, rehabilitative, and other specialists who enabled this book to come to fruition. We believe the scope and multidisciplinary nature of this textbook add important dimensions to its overall value as a primary resource to you, the practitioner.We would also like to thank the individuals at Demos Medical Publishing for their patience with this project. A special thanks to Dr. Diana Schneider for her leadership as well as her willingness to compromise. Additionally, we thank Craig Percy and Edith Barry who were essential along with other Demos staff in seeing this text come to completion. Lastly, we would like to dedicate this book to all individuals with brain injuries, their families, and the professionals who are committed to serve and assist them in such a way as to optimize their potential to work, play, and love once again.


Brain injury medicine : principles and practice / edited by Nathan D. Zasler,

Douglas I. Katz, Ross D. Zafonte.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

ISBN-13: 978-1-888799-93-4 (alk. paper)

ISBN-10: 1-888799-93-5 (alk. paper)

1. Brain—Wounds and injuries—Patients—Rehabilitation. 2. Brain—Wounds

and injuries—Patients—Care. 3. Continuum of care.

[DNLM: 1. Brain Injuries. 2. Continuity of Patient Care. WL 354 B81386 2006]

I. Zasler, Nathan D., 1958  II. Katz, Douglas. III. Zafonte, Ross D.

Format : PDF File

Size : 11 MB

Download Link :

Brain Injury Medicine Ebook

Password : ludefa_blog


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