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Proxy Switcher Pro v3.12.1

Very useful program for those, who regularly encounter problem, as to skachat’ is free of charge much file with Rapidshare or wants to hide its real IP. You do want to deceive RapidShare, Megaupload, DepositFiles and others? – there is nothing simpler! Proxy Switcher Simply changes your host country “in flight”! Speaking in another language, changes your IP- address by proksi.Programma Proxy Switcher Pro it will scan, it protestiruyet and will find for you more than 100 high-speed proxy with the reflection of the flags of countries and time of response.

It is intuitively intelligible and works s grow prettier by speed. In its class in the first places, me to be pleased, without superfluous zamorochek. Itself draws off new proxy and it testit to the fitness for work. From you is required only one – to dispose brouzer to the work in the Internet through this program.

There are times when you have to cloak your true IP address. It might be that you want to remain anonymous when you visit a particular website. Or your access to various social networking and entertainment sites has been blocked.

The solution is to use Proxy Switcher for all the anonymous browsing needs. It can be used to avoid all sorts of limitations imposed by various sites. Be that a download site that limits amount of downloads. Or video site works only in a particular country – more often than not it gets defeated by the anonymous browsing features Proxy Switcher provides.On top of that, if you used to manually change proxy settings Proxy Switcher provides a way to change them much faster and easier.

Proxy Switcher Benefits:
*Hide your IP address from the web sites you visit.
*Penetrate bans and blocks on forums, classifields and download sites (rapidshare etc.).
*Automatic proxy server switching for improved anonymous surfing.
*Easy way to change proxy settings on the fly.
*For webmasters – check search engine results from different countries.
*Fully compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and others.
*Advanced proxy list scanning and management.

Note : Kawan, bila anda sendang meng Ekstrax File RAR ini tolong anti virus dimantikan dulu karena keygen akan terdeteksi sebagai Virus TROJAN. Tetapi bila telah selesai dan kalian instal maka program tersebut akan berjalan tanpa ada gangguan apapun. Dan saya sudah mencobanya, bila ada masalah harap hubungi saya. tq….. 🙂

Size : 3 MB

Download Link :

Proxy Switcher Pro v3.12.1

Password : ludefa_blog


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