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Frogmore Computer Services Mail Print v2.2.2303 Pro

Automatically print your emails with Mail Print from any standard Pop3 account. Mail Print runs without any user interaction, just set it up and leave it to check your mail on a regular interval and print out any new messages. Messages, order notifications, faxes, remote printing, whatever your requirements Mail Print will print your documents for you. Support for secure connections means your messages can’t be intercepted, filtering means you can print just what you want. Our flexible actions let you configure Mail Print exactly the way you want, choose what you want to print, on which printer and how many copies. Mail Print can play audible alerts to let you know when an important email has arrived.

• Print the body of plain text and formatted messages. You have complete control over the printer settings as well as the template used to print
• Print TIFF and PDF attachments
• Play sounds, alerting users to new messages
• Leave messages on the server or delete them immediately, this lets you share an email account with other email software such as Outlook or Thunderbird
• Apply rules to incoming messages so you only print what you need, this allows Mail Print to cooperate with your anti-spam software
• Mail Print runs as a Window Service making it ideal for installing on a server

OS : Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008

Size : 1,2 MB

Download Link :

Frogmore Computer Service Mail Print V 2.2.2303

Password : ludefa_blog


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