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Gertrudis Pro

Gertrudis Pro – program for photographers, transforms any digital photo of handwritten … Gertrudis is at the beginning of the topological analysis of the contents of an image and builds a matrix of vectors. Users then specify the main areas of interest in the image and Gertrudis uses this information to create an image that looks like a picture of the hand. There are a heap of effects and lotions: fresh paint, shape, shadow, diffusion of light brush strokes, paper textures and drugie.Gertrudis Pro gives photographers the ability to create digital images of any kind having something handmade art canvases.

An interesting program for image processing Gertrudis Pro. The main purpose of this utility – the conversion of conventional images in the painting, drawn in different ways. The program allows to simulate the painting, written or painted in watercolor, oil, pencil, etc. In doing so, the user can control different parameters of strokes and the color of your image. By creating a drawn image, Gertrudis Pro analyzes the original image and selects the direction, size and shape strokes, or strokes, depending on each individual image. In this it the main difference from similar filters of other graphic editors.

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Vista

Size : 6 MB

Download Link :

Gertrudis Pro

Password : ludefa_blog


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