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Registry Kit v2.0

Registry Kit is a registry cleaner and a system optimization software, that provide fixes on your system registry allowing it to run faster, more efficiently thus giving your computer a boost on its performance.
Why use Registry kit?
Registry kit is a very effective registry cleaner which can help you to speed up the performance of your computer, clean and repair your computer and eliminate the problems like:

Windows installer errors
DLL errors
Active X errors
Driver errors
Missing file references
Runtime errors
Preventing computer from frequent crash
Memory intensive program that normally runs fast becomes turtle like slow
Inability to remove/add programs
Frequent restart

Why to spend thousands of dollars on getting your computer repaired and face similar problems in future? Just imagine you won’t have to format your computer and install windows again, you won’t have to call up your computer engineer for monthly maintenance and you won’t have to spend lots of money as Registry Kit can scan the problems for you and fix them.

Register Kit has a high performance and high speed detection algorithm which discovers invalid and unwanted references in your windows registry. By just hitting the scan button, Registry kit will scan the entire windows registry of your computer and will list down the errors detected by them. Once all the errors are listed you can eliminate or remove the listed errors. Registry kit also has an automatic option to remove the unwanted problems.

Registry kit has an option called ‘Back up your registry’ with which you can make a manual back up of your computers registry. With such a great option you can restore your system the way it was before the damage or corruption had occurred.

Size : 7 MB

Download Link :

Registry Kit v2.0

Password : ludefa_blog


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