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Virtual Flash Drive 3.30

With the development of computer technology, more and more people concern about computer security. Vicious hackers, mischief-makers, privacy peepers and your competitors all intend to usurp your confidential information and privacy. Take it easy ! VIRTUAL FLASH DRIVE can provide completely secure space. only if you save confidential data in such space, nobody can rip off your data. It adopts strong DES encryption and perfect password protection, which disables any malicious attacker.

VIRTUAL FLASH DRIVE is as easy as plugging your Flash Disk into computer USB port. Just click “LOGON” at its interface and enter your password, you can browse your VIRTUAL FLASH DISK. When finished, click “LOGOUT” to pull out your FLASH DISK. Well , it is virtual disk and actual data is saved on your hard disk. No one can access and delete such data except the owner.

– Intensive encryption. DES encryption and access password available.
– Easy to use. Similar with the actual Flash Disk, that is, plug and play.
– No system resourses occupied and no memory resided. Same with the actual windows drive.
– Possible to use 4 drives simultaneously. User manages disk files and it is available for more than one user.
– Provide software and personal password retrive service. Don’t worry about the inconvenience resulting from password lost.
– Embedded anti-deletion function preventing disk files from malicious damage.
– Lifetime free upgrade.
– Lifetime free technical support.

Size : 1,3 MB

Download Link :

Virtual Flash Drive 3.30

Password : ludefa_blog


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