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Hidetools Fast Windows Hider v3.5.0

Have you ever been in situation when some person looks over your shoulder at your screen with sensitive information? May be it has been you boss, co-workers, strangers, spouse or children. Have you ever wanted to play a game, open a instant messenger, take some rest at your workplace but been afraid? Have you ever become annoyed because of a many useless windows on the desktop and taskbar?
But there is a very easy way to decides all this. We present you Fast Windows Hider.

Fast Windows Hider is a complete and easy in use security tool designed to hide windows, programs, files, folders, advertisement, browsers, games, all to background (from desktop and taskbar) without closing them instantly by one click or the hotkey. One more click or the hotkey and you will restore all hidden windows without any loss. Together with hide you can mute all sounds.

Fast Windows Hider Key Features:
Hide Windows

Fast Windows Hider instantly hides any windows you wish to keep private by one click or the pressing hotkey.

Hide Programs
The program allows you to hide any programs to background without closing them. If it is a game Fast Windows Hider pauses and hides it.

Hide Browsers
You can hide any browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, America Online, etc.

Hide Instant Messengers
Hide any instant messenger (IRC, ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo messenger, Skype).

Hide Websites
Hide any websites, downloads, Myspace and more.

Hide Group of Windows
Fast Windows Hider can hide single windows as well as several windows at once.

Mute Sound
Fast Windows Hider automatically mutes sound (optional) when windows are hidden.

Stealth Mode
Fast Windows Hider can work invisibly so nobody can detect it. Only you will know that Fast Windows Hider is installed!

Free-lost restore
You can restore all hidden windows without any loss.

Save Hide List
Once configure Fast Windows Hider you can hide all your personal windows in any time you need.

Customizable Hotkeys
You can set the comfortable hotkeys for hide windows / restore windows.

Windows Vista
Fast Windows Hider was designed for Windows Vista/98/2000/NT/XP.


How Does Fast Windows Hider Work?
The user interface of Fast Windows Hider is simple and the options are easy to any user. On the left hand side of the program screen, there is a list of all the open windows on your desktop. Double clicking an item will move that window to the custom list of windows to be hidden. Another way is typing a string of title windows you want to hide in Hide list. Now you can set the hotkey, which, once pressed, will hide all the windows you’ve previously selected. The selected windows will disappear to background as well, so no one will know what you are working on. The tray icon click will do the same.

Size : 560 KB

Download Link :

Hidetools Fast Windows Hider v3.5.0


Hidetools Fast Windows Hider v3.5.0

Password : ludefa_blog


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