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Super Fax Search v1.91

The Super Fax Search offers you a targeted fax number search utility. You can easily and quickly build your own business fax number lists base on one or more keywords.The Super Fax Search is designed to seach fax number matching your query. Just type your keywords, Super Fax Search will spider the Internet and extract fax number that you really need.The supported search engines include most of the major search engines such as Google, yahoo, Excite etc. The spider speed is up to 18,000 fax numbers per hour. The following examples describe typical task.

Features of “Super Fax Search”:
· Multi threaded application. Fast search speed. Allows up to 500 search thread at the same time.
· Supports up to 22 major search engine such as Google, Lycos, Yahoo etc.
· Professional User Interface. Very easy to use.
· Allows you to save searched result in different format. And then you can use these numbers in your fax broadcast software.

· 486DX 66 MHz or higher
· At least 10 MB of free disk space

Size : 1,8 MB

Download Link :

Super Fax Search v1.91

Password : ludefa_blog


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