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RSScrawler Desktop Newsticker v2.0.10.316

RSScrawler program can display a lot of news in various fields of panels in different sizes and speeds. You can also change the type of panels (font, size and color). The panels can be placed on the top or bottom of your desktop Windows. The panels can be displayed on request (for example, if the news items are available in a signed box) or can be automatically configured for constant visibility. Because some area of your desktop panel aside, it can not be hidden or blocked by other windows. This helps you follow the news while working with other applications.
Moreover, the program RSScrawler can also be used on screens such as TFT or plasma screen in public places, fairs to display the information you need. Also you can use it as a sticker RSScrawler company. Consistently provides your employees up to date information about your company.
Program RSScrawler offers custom options to match your needs:
• Display RSS feeds on up to two ticker bars
• Supports RSS 1.x, RSS 2.x (incl. Podcasts), RDF and Atom
• RSScrawler cannot be hidden by other application windows
• Automatic hiding of ticker bar possible
• Customization of colors, fonts and speed of the ticker bars available
• Customizable height and size of ticker bars
• Fast forward of news items on ticker bars
• Additional buttons on the ticker bars can be hidden
• Notification option on feed updates (sound and popup of ticker bar)
• Customizable update interval for checking for feed updates
• Feed caching for temporary offline use of the application
• Support for proxy servers
• Ticker bars can be placed on top and on bottom of the Windows Desktop
• Integrated feed management
• OPML import and export function
• Set feed update intervall to less than 15 min.
• Integration of offline feeds (local RSS files)
• Integration of a custom company logo
• Extensive customization options
• Easy deployment on a large number of work stations
• Presentation mode (displaying ticker bars over a full screen application)
• Customizable online manual
• Restriction of user definable settings
• Installation of pre-defined feeds
• Included licenses

Size : 1 MB

Download Link :

RSScrawler Desktop Newsticker v2.0.10.316


RSScrawler Desktop Newsticker v2.0.10.316

Password : ludefa_blog


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